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Should I wear a white coat in my Eras photo?

Eras Photo White Coat?

Medical students work their butts off and have a ton of competition. Landing a residency or fellowship can be a very tough thing in major sought out cities. Some med students ask if they should wear a white lab coat in their eras photo? the short answer is no. Wearing a nice suit and dressing up outside of the lab coat can show more personality, that's why we do not recommend that any residency students should wear the coat.

What Color Background Looks Best?

We have done thousands of Eras photos and feel that a white background is the best choice for your application. White has a very clean and modern look while making you the focal point. We can do gray upon request but we feel it looks a little dated.

I already have an Eras photo but I'm having trouble uploading it because of an error message on MyERAS

We get this question a lot from residency students across the country that have a photo but need help resizing it to meet the 2020-2021 ERAS Photo requirements (2.5 3.5 under 100kb and full 150dpi) Students can now have their photo resized using our online edit service.

Need an ERAS Photographer?

Only need help resizing your Eras photo for upload without getting an error message?


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