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Must Enter On 18th Street Only

Are you here now but not sure how to enter

Walking and Uber/Lyft drop off clients

329 West 18th Street, Suite 906

For walking or uber clients enter at front glass door on 18th street and on weekends use side door just 10 feet to the right of front street door near garage door (Photo Below) You will see another glass door and dial "906" on the intercom to get buzzed in. 

Take lobby elevator up to 9th floor (Suite 906)

Tell Your Driver: Make sure your uber driver stays on 18th street to drop you at entrance dont take any side street to enter.

329 West 18th Street, Suite 906

Studio RedLeaf is located in Chicago's South Loop Our entrance is on 18th street only (Please dont take side street) Includes free indoor parking and can enter on 18th st. The building is situated just east of Canal Street, and West of Clark and is directly next to the 18th street bridge. It’s the only large grey building next to the river. Also has a large hanging sign "329" in front of the building, Just take the Lobby elevator to the 9th floor and look for Suite 906.

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Driving Client

(Free Indoor Garage Parking)

329 West 18th Street, Suite 906

Garage door should be open if not just drive over the black rubber hose with your tires to open door, Park in visitor section, after you park look for "main lobby" sign and check in with person at desk, if no one is there you can take elevator up to 9th floor (Suite 906) 

Call if not opening 800 790-6853

or use outdoor lot 1739 South Stewart Avenue, Chicago, IL

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Studio Redleaf Directions Photo

After You Enter Garage and Park 

Last Step: Take Elevator to 9th Floor Ste 906

If garage door is not opening or full please use outdoor lot:

1739 South Stewart Avenue, Chicago, IL

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