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Most Headshot Photographers Dirty Little Secret of Hidden Fees

March 15, 2019 | Team Studio RedLeaf

tips for taking professional headshots

OK, get ready for the most important bit of information most Photographers practice but won't tell you until the shoot is done. So you had a great headshot session with your photographer and they promise to email you the photos or send a download link. When you get home and open the photos to your amazement all of the photos are watermarked and they only lets you select one photo for free. We are simply amazed that a majority of Business Headshot Photographers and Portrait Photographers hide this shady fee from their customers.

That's right you planned your headshot session expecting to have a lot of choices to choose from and save to your personal hard drive for current and future use. Maybe after reviewing your photos you like more than just one, maybe you like four or five. Is there any reason why someone should hold back those pictures from you and charge you an average of $45 per each additional watermarked free picture? We think not, this practice has to stop! There’s no reason your picture should be held hostage by a Photographer.

They're your photos and you should get all the originals included with your headshot session. So now that you're well advised be sure to ask your photographer. Rest assure that here at Studio RedLeaf Headshots Chicago you receive ALL your images at no additional fee.

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