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Best Business Headshot Photographers in Chicago

This post applies to our Business headshots, Corporate headshots, Linkedin and Medical Residency headshots clients alike. There are countless photographers and options for headshots in Chicago here are important tips and things to know. Chicago is a super competitive market and having the right headshot can make or break your chances of success. Here are my top 5 tips for getting your headshots in Chicago.

The best headshot photographer in Chicago near you.

1. Select the right headshot photographer. Chicago is home to countless photographers, especially those specializing in headshots. Ah, the smell of capitalism! The sheer amount of options out there are daunting and at times overwhelming. Each offers a variety of packages, price points, style, and each has their own unique personality. Start by narrowing down your top 3-5 choices. Don't call them first. Before calling, take a look at their online portfolio to get a sense for their style and who they are. Also look to see if they can photograph both sexes well. Additionally, look for testimonials, not only on their website, but also on social sites such as Yelp and Google. And lastly, does their personality seem to mesh well with your own? Do they seem fun or cold? If everything looks great, give them a call if thats your preference. If they're available and willing to take a few minutes to discuss your needs, you're likely making the right decision! or do they offer a simple online booking process for a tech-savvy user? If not, go to the next person on your list.

2. Budget is important,.

You don't need to empty your bank account to get a great photo but headshots that don't capture the real you, Crappy lighting, bad retouching, and a half-hearted experience from a photographer who probably doesn't care if you succeed or not. Being cheap often ends horribly when it comes to headshots. Now that doesn't mean you should spend $500 on headshots, but it's generally best to avoid the $300-$500 headshot guys for only one look. Experienced photographers know that their skills are hard to come by but when you have know-how its a cake walk to take stellar photos using our knowledge and muscle memory.

3. Know what you need to convey in your headshot.

Preparation can be key for a successful headshot session but not required, perhaps one of the things you must prepare for is actually knowing what you need to convey in your headshot. If you're getting corporate headshots, does your company have a friendly, approachable image(pediatrician, real estate agent, personal trainer) or do they have a more serious image (criminal lawyer, journalist, wealth management firm)? And if you're an actor, do you or your agent see you as the girl/guy next door, victim, witty best friend, criminal, strong hero, or young Mom/Dad? Knowing the marketing specific to your needs will allow us to focus solely on that during your session, ensuring we're moving in the right direction.

4. Select the proper wardrobe. I've talked extensively about wardrobe on many of occassions, but it needs to be said again. Bringing the right outfit to your session can make or break your experience. Don't bring clothes that you haven't pulled out in ages. If you're an actor, select wardrobe that matches your character type as well as is the most flattering for you. Avoid those frilly dresses, graphic tees, and generally frumpy looking attire. This is Chicago, so a bit of style is often expected and bad styling can make you look green in your headshots. For actor headshots, if your headshot makes you look green casting directors will think that you can't act and we don't want that now do we? Corporate headshots in Chicago are no different. Avoid those pinstripe suits, keep your jewelry small and simple, and make sure your attire is pressed before your arrival. If your wardrobe is properly selected, that'll be one less thing you'll have to think about. The only thing we want you to worry about during your session is getting the right expressions.

5. Go into your session with the right attitude. This tip probably should have been number 1, but we guess we're saving the best for last. So you've followed all the tips above and you're preparing for your headshot session. We know having your picture taken can be a nerve-racking, anxiety inducing ordeal, but it doesn't have to be. First, woosah and relax. Now, remember we're just taking pictures. I know they're super important to you, but we're just taking pictures. You won't be rushed during your session, We will work with you every step of the way and we'll be previewing your work as we go along. Come to have a good time, be talkative, request the type of music you like, and trust your headshot photographer. A headshot session is a give and take between the photographer and the sitter. Trust them, their expertise, and their process. It takes two to tango as they say and if you give a lot in your session it will definitely show in your photos. Having your trust will give the photographer the freedom to play and create great spontaneous moments that capture you at your absolute best. We love to have fun during our sessions and encourage you to do the same! Coming in with a great attitude and a cooperative spirit will ensure your session runs smoothly and is fun!

We hope these tips help you. If you liked this post, show us some love! Click on the like button, comment or share it!

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