Staff Headshots Chicago  

at your Company or Event Location

(Available Nationwide) 

Do you need headshots for your Entire Staff, Visitors, New Team or Employees such as bio photos for your Company website that all match and taken at your Company location or Conference event in Chicago or Nationwide? 

On-location headshots for your whole Staff or Faculty of 5, 10, or even 100+ people is easy with Studio Redleaf Headshots at your Location.

Posing and smiles

A professional staff headshot should show someone looking relaxed, confident, and approachable-- which can be a bit difficult with a giant camera lens pointing at you.  Our photographer will never just drop someone in front of a camera without helping them get the best smile or expression. Each person is coached into different poses and angles to get the most flattering look from shoulders to hip, and is given cues, tips, and instructions for getting different types of natural-looking smiles and facial expressions.  Everyone is different and can look more like themselves from different angles and in different poses, so the photographer will get multiple smiles and angles to choose from- making sure we get it right the first time and each person walks away with a photo they can be proud of.

Photo delivery (Same day via download)

Photos will be delivered as high-resolution JPGs via download the Same day!  let us know if your company  requires another specific file types or image dimensions and we’ll be happy to accommodate. We work directly with web designers and graphic designers on a regular basis to create photos that fit into the final vision of marketing materials.

Photo Day

There are many different options for how we can run the photo day, depending on your staff’s needs and schedules. You can schedule each person into short time slots, or groups of 5 to 10 people in larger time blocks if that’s easier.  Some small groups with flexible schedules can even drop in at their leisure as we finish the person before them. Afterward, your office will receive all of the photos taken the Same day. 


Q:  Do you match existing photos? 
A:  Yes!  If your company has existing headshots or photos taken by another photographer in one of your other national offices, show us the photos or your style guides and we’ll do our best to match the backdrop color and lighting. 


Q: My event in somewhere other than Chicago can you travel anywhere  A: Yes!  Our pro photographer can fly out to any location. 

Q: Where will you set up your equipment in our office or event? 
A: The more open space you have, the better, but we can squeeze in just about any space that’s at least 8-10 feet wide by 10 feet long.  The backdrop is about 4.5’ wide and we’ll place the main light about 7-10’ in front of that.  Any conference room or other area of the office where we won’t be disturbing anyone and can move the tables/chairs to create an open space will work fine.  No power outlet needed for less than 10 staff photo shoots.

Q: What type of guarantee do you have? 
A: We want you to be happy with your photos and are committed to providing you with headshots that exceed your expectations.  If the photos somehow do not match the standards of our portfolio and are somehow flawed because of photographer error (such as focus, lighting, color), we will correct the mistakes.  We always do our best to achieve your vision in the photos, and can show you the photos as we take them to make sure we’re capturing what you’re looking for.   

Q: Are you insured? 
A: Studio Redleaf Headshots carries full liability coverage for every shoot.  Let us know if you’d like to see proof of coverage or to have a certificate of insurance created labeling your office or property as an additional insured on the policy before the shoot. 

If you prefer a shoot at our south loop studio location

click "book online" link on top of page 

On-location headshots for your whole staff of 5, 10, or even 100+ people is easy with Studio Redleaf Headshots (Your Company Location).

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