Staff Headshots Chicago or Any City at your Office Location, Event Location, Hotel or Annual Meeting Location

(Available Nationwide with Covid Safety) 

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Fully Insured for Any Corporation Office

We can provide a "COI" Insurance to meet the Strict High-rise Coverage your building lease may require during your shoot and we use a industry top provider


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Flat Rate Pricing 

Your Location

With Over 300+ 5 Stars™  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Highest Rated Headshot Photographer    

1-4 Staff $599 (Quick 30 Min)

Downtown Only

Chicagoland Location

1 Hour Unlimited Staff $999

2 Hour Unlimited Staff $1399

*Half Day Unlimited Staff $2499

*Full Day Unlimited Staff $2999

Any Other Nationwide Location

2-4 Hour Unlimited Staff

Package Starts at $3999

New Hybrid add-on for Telecommuter member that cant make the on-location shoot.

(Read below)

If you need help deciding how long to book for

(see below)

Option 1

(Best Results)

If you want the photographer to make hair/clothing adjustments and take several photos then show your staff to make sure they like their photo.
(Expect 5-10 people per hour)

Option 2

(Speed Option)

If dont want the photographer to make hair adjustments and take only 2-3 photos then move on without showing photos. 

Expect 20 People per hour

(With very minor hair adjustments)

Or 30-40 Max people per hour

(Zero Adjustments)



(Great for Expo's)

2 Line Set-ups (50-70 People per hour)

3 Line Set-ups (70-90 People per hour)

......and so on


New "Remote" Hybrid Add-on 

(For any "Work from Home" member)

Pick any of the above two options plus add on remote "work from home" or "telecommuter" members that cant be at the location shoot.

Request A Written Quote

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If you want to move forward email us for an invoice.

Put "Location invoice request" in subject line


In body of email include:

Tell us the option # and if you and if you want the remote add-on, Please include Location address and unit #, Date, Start time, How Many Hours, Location and Which Option (1 or 2) in the body of the email. Also include the amount of staff members for each option or with remote hybrid add on.

Need to add only 1 person?
Studio Shoots Available in Southloop for Solo Shoots on Special $125
(Ends Soon)

Need only Virtual Online Professional Headshots for Remote Teams (Turnkey)

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Staff Photoshoot Chicago

Do you need Location staff headshots for your Entire team, Executive Headshots, Leadership,Team, Visitors, New hires, Retail Store Team or Employees such as bio photos for your Company website that all match and taken at your Company location or Conference event in Chicago or Nationwide? 

On-location headshots for your whole Staff or Faculty of 5, 10, or even 100+ people is easy with Studio Redleaf Headshots at your Location.

Staff Headshots and Group Photo Shoot Ch
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Fully Vaccinated 


Posing and smiles

A professional staff headshot should show someone looking relaxed, confident, and approachable which can be difficult with a photographer and lens pointing at them.  Our photographer will never just place your member in front of a camera without helping them with some fun methods to getting the best smile or expression. Each person is guided with achieving different expressions, poses and positions. Everyone reacts different to a photoshoot and can look more like themselves with the help from a seasoned photographer.

Photo delivery (Same day via download)

Photos will be delivered as high-resolution JPGs via download the Same day!  let us know if your company requires another specific file types or image dimensions and we’ll be happy to accommodate. We work directly with web designers and graphic designers on a regular basis to create photos that fit into the final vision of marketing materials.

Photo Day

We will arrive with a small set-up and can access your office from the public entrance. Set-up takes only 20 minutes and we can start with whomever is ready first or you can provide us a list. Set-up can be in a conference room or a location of your choice. Each team member will be given easy to follow direction and tips during the session and can view their photos and take more if need be. Break down takes less than 10 mins and your point of contact will receive all of the photos taken within the Same day. 

Covid Safety First!

   Fully Vaccinated Photographer

We are open and available for office shoots, We understand that covid safety needs to be strictly followed to protect your employees and your business. We have the highest safety practices of any photographer in Chicago and make sure no corners are cut when doing a photoshoot for your team. We are here to make your team look good and if we need to adjust a tie or move a hair your photographer never touches staff or gear without alcoholing repeatedly thought-out the shoot and does this for every single staff member repeatedly. We also will be mindful on making sure they will not be subjected to touching handle to enter their shoot.


Q:  I'm starting to plan our at-location headshots but I'm not sure how many people you can finish per hour which will determine how many hours I want to book your service for.

A: Great question and our most common question, it has two possible answers, If you want attendees to have a more VIP (Non-rushed) experience then we recommend 10 people per hour, if you only want us to take 2-3 photos of each person, not review and move onto the next guest, more like an assembly line (Which is fine :) We can absolutely do that and you can expect 30-40 per hour. Also considering additional cameras set-ups with additional lines for expo or larger events.

Q:  Can I change the shoot date after I book due to New City Covid Closure Mandates or Office Outbreaks?

A:  Yes!  

Q:  Does the photographer follow ALL CDC safety recommendations and practice social distancing of my staff? 

A:  Yes! Mask is worn and your vaccinated photographer can open doors and will sanitize after every shoot. 

Q:  Can you match our current website photos? 
A:  Yes!  If your company has past headshot photos taken by another photographer show us the photos or your HQ check list and we’ll match the backdrop, crop, color and lighting. 

Q: We have an expo that we want to set-up in a Hotel or Convention space, can you do headshots for our guests or attendees there?

A:Yes! We can set-up anywhere and create and easy process for them to take pictures


Q: My event is somewhere other than Chicago can you travel anywhere  A: Yes!  Our pro photographer can fly out to any location. 

Q: Where will you set up your equipment in our office or event? 
A: The more open space you have, the better, but we can squeeze in just about any space that’s at least 8-10 feet wide by 10 feet long.  The backdrop is about 4.5’ wide and we’ll place the main light about 7-10’ in front of that.  Any conference room or other area of the office where we won’t be disturbing anyone and can move the tables/chairs to create an open space will work fine.  

Q: What type of guarantee do you have? 
A: We guarantee that you will love the photos and will retake photos until you're 100% satisfied. You and your guests can see your photos after we take them so you know what your getting. 

Q: Are you insured? 
A: Yes, full liability COI coverage is available. We understand that most office building require a COI, just send us the requirement of coverage and we will send pricing prior to your shoot date.

Q: Can you do green screen with digital background?

A: Yes, please call or email us a sample and how many employees for pricing.

Q: Can you have a kiosk that guests can view and share their photos from?

A: Yes, we offer premium add-on services! Just ask us any need you might have and we will try our best to meet it!

Q: How big is the set-up and can you enter on a standard small passenger elevator?

A: Yes, we have a super small footprint and can access any size building without causing a fuss (See photo below)

Super Small Foot Print When Entering Your Building.

No Feight Elevator Needed! Set-up in 15 mins


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If you prefer a shoot at our south loop studio location

click "book online" link on top of page 

On-location headshots for your whole staff of 5, 10, or even 100+ people is easy with Studio Redleaf Headshots (Your Company Location).

Staff Headshots Chicago  

Your Shoot Includes 

🏆"Highest Rated Photographer on Goggle" 🏆

Having 20 years experience has given me the ability to handle any group size. Making your staff or guest feel super comfortable and achieving a photo will meet achieve your standards.

For a super fun experience request wireless music speaker during the shoot.



Guaranteed Offer:

If you find another Headshot photographer on Google Maps Nationwide with a Higher Rating Let Me Know.

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Half Day 3-4 Hours

Full Day 4-6 Hours

Includes 1 hr set-up time & 30 Mins Lunch Break

All Flat Rate Pricing for Standard Business hours only