ERAS Photo Resizing & Upload Help

How to resize and edit a photo for the medical residency and fellowship ERAS photo upload. The best choice for a medical student program that meets the requirements and offers the best quality possible. 

We offer free resizing to our clients but dont worry we can still help you on a resize of a photo taken by you, a friend or another photographer and will only charge a small service fee to create the best compression version of your photo that will look better than others and can easily upload to the ERAS application.

Direct Requirements from the AAMC

All Photo Upload Rules For Medical Students

Your Photo will be used by the AAMC program to help identify applicants when reporting for an interview. Applicants must upload their own Photo in MyERAS by selecting Upload New Photo in the Actions column.  Having a higher res photo will help! (We know how to best compress it)

A photo file should not exceed these requirements:

  • Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.

  • Resolution: 150dpi

  • File Size: 100kb

If you are having any error messages or a problem with uploading your ERAS photo please purchase the best upload service from studio redleaf.

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Over 200+ 5 Star Reviews™

Over 200 Five Star Reviews™