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Most Headshot Photographers "Dirty Little Secret"

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March 15, 2019 | Team Studio RedLeaf

Get ready for a hidden piece of information only shady Photographers won't mention until you get home from your photo session. So you had a fun headshot session with your Photographer, without thinking to ask you expect a simple email link with all photos taken. Instead when you finally get home try to save the images they are unusable with a "Photographer watermark" AKA "Copyright"  We are simply shocked that a majority of all Headshot Photographers hide any additional fee from their customers. 


That's right, you read this correct! you planned and purchased your headshot session expecting to use any photo you took during your session. Is there any reason why someone should hold back pictures from you and try to charge an average of $45 per each additional image your like? We think not, this practice has to stop! There’s no reason your picture should be held hostage by any Photographer or Studio. 


Why? ...these photos should only be yours with easy access to view and save. The good news is you're now well advised, be sure to ask any photographer or studio if you will receive "All" the photos taken. Rest assure that here at Studio RedLeaf you receive "ALL" session images at no additional fee or cost.

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