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Professional Headshots for Remote Teams Nationwide & International


Using Their Smart Phone 📱 or Laptop 💻


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(Most others dont offer)

For Privacy, Security and Staff Safety we Never ask to share screens or remote in with your staff computers.

(Phone, Email or Easy Online help)

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Working from home is the new norm. We will fully complete remote headshot capturing for your executives, managers, staff, guest or just yourself. Who knew one day you would be looking for a Virtual Photographer and asking for help with taking a Virtual Headshot... Hello new world! A professional level headshot can now be done online for that remote person you need a photo of. Thats why we offer a complete service that will help finish your remote team member Headshot, Spotlight, Newsletter, Org Chart or PR photos.


Congratulations you found the number one choice for remotely done virtual headshots or any other digital photo need. We offer you worldwide service with flat rate pricing.

We made the process simple 

Choose from two options, 1) Using our online based "Self-serve" Virtual Photo Booth Style or 2) our Top Seller and Best Quality "one on one" Concierge Remote Headshot service which produces professional photos that will absolutely wow your clients, customers and leadership.


They are in good hands using our Option 2 Concierge Service, We will guide you or your team to easily take a professional level photo using their Iphone or smartphone from home or remote office. It's important to note that we will never ask to share screens or remote in with your team for your safety and privacy. Our proven system is designed to make it possible that any employee or guest can easily achieve a great photo without needing to be the next Ansel Adams. We also understand that it will be important to keep all of your new virtual hotshots consistent and potentially figure out what works best for your new remote online team presence. Option 2 Service also includes Live Excel Team Status Portal so you can track the progress of team submissions.



(Budget Team Self Serve)

 Comparable to What Others Offer:

"Sn*p Bar" (Basic quality)

Turnkey Online Based Virtual Remote Headshot Booth Package

AKA Virtual Headshot APP​

(Fully Online Web Based)


1 Online Based Virtual Headshot Booth For Team of  Employees or Staff Members (No App Needed) Web Based (We can handle ANY size company) 

Easy Link That Employee Clicks that Starts the Virtual Booth Session.

Includes Unlimited Photos! (No Other Services Offers This) Others Charge $495 for only 100 photos.

Your Team Headshots USA & Worldwide​ (Any Size Company)


QR code for easy sharing with team during Zoom Call $99 

HR-READY (Receive Excel sheet with staff email and photo link.) $99 Extra

Have a larger team?  We can help

(Companies with 2K Employees to Over 200K)


Self-Serve Online Based 


(All Includes Unlimited Retakes)

1-25 Members $399 (Small Business Value Pack)

25-100 $20 Each Member

101-500 Team $15 Each Member

500 or More (Major Discount)

Online Virtual Headshot App

Unlimited Photos!

*Offer ends soon (Order Now & Use Later)

Below is Our Top Seller

+ Team Tracking 

We are the only "Pro Service" that offers a

"Full Remote Digital White Glove Service"

Includes Live Team Status Portal To Track Your Team Progress

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(Best Quality Results + Tracking)

For Single Person or Full Team

Business Invoice Receipt included 🧾

"Full Concierge Remote Headshot"

Start to finish professional remote headshot with a real person editing the photos

Full Concierge Remote Virtual Headshot  

$149 Each Employee, Guest or Yourself

(Only $99 using BULK Team Discount for each 10 employee packs)

Even Better Pricing For Team Larger than 1K Employees

Complete Remote Team Headshot

(Team, Leadership, Executives, Board or Any Special Guest)

PR Headshot Photo Service Includes:

1) Direct phone contact with professional photographer (Currently highest rated headshot photographer in Chicago)

All that's needed is a 5 minute phone call with our photographer, will tell your employee where to take the photo, how to use their available lighting and do proper professional composition and proper iPhone camera settings. If your employee prefers not to talk over the phone we can do everything fully remote online with the same results. We developed a great system that simply works!

and most importantly we will never ask to screen share or remote in with your staff for their safety, privacy and your network security.


2) Our photographer will direct them to take at least three photos, our default expressions are closed mouth smile and open smile. You can decide to have our photographer use their discretion or you can pick your favorite.


3) Expert Full Editing & Virtual Background Removal (With Custom Crop)

After deciding the best photo it will be edited for blemishes and we can also do background removal. (we can replace with a color of your choice) or a digital photo as a virtual background.

Examples of Custom Virtual background for headshot

Square Crop
Circle Crop
Test 1.jpg
Test 3.jpg
Test 5.png

4) HR Ready CSV with Photo Links (if you have multiple employees)

Or a simple Direct email to whomever at your company will handle the photo intake. Includes: Team Status Updates via Live Link (for Marketing Firms that demand the best)


5) Worldwide Team Service. 

6) TOP FEATURE Includes Live Excel Team Status Portal To Track Their Progress

Actual photo from a remote (in-home) corporate client done in 2021 following our copyright directions. Notice how the original photo on left (with our help) looks fantastic before any retouching. 

(Not a fake stock footage image)

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Virtual Headshot remote staff with editing team app
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   Full Concierge Services Includes:

Full Digital White Glove Service, Just Book and We Take Care Of The Rest!

 Congratulations we're going to make you a hero :)


$149 Each Employee, Guest or Yourself or

Only $99 for Each Employee if you buy in 10 Packs. 

(Includes Retouching and Background Removal)

($99 or Better for Bulk Team Discount Offer at Check-out or Request Invoice quote) 

Includes Live Excel Team Status Portal To Track Their Progress

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Only Priority


If you would like to call Nick our Team Lead Virtual Photographer with 20 years experience now please do, but understand he might be grumpy if you're calling outside of U.S time zone :)


Nick Cell Phone 

(847) 584-2653

Our VIP customer service approach is why we have won new clients from across the U.S. Canada and Europe.

Other Service: We can also assist you with updating all your current company Headshots to match the style and background that you choose for your new "concierge" remote virtual headshots (Available at check out)

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Have existing company headshots that need retouching or a new background?

We also offer existing editing of your current company headshot with editing and background replacement to match your new theme. We can provide your final photo in a modern circle format or square depending on what your website needs are. Call us for Professional editing and resizing of your current photos $49 each.

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