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Best Actor Headshot Chicago Photographer, At Studio RedLeaf We can take great Actor Headshots, making us the best choice for a photographer near you.

Note: For Modeling Headshots Please Call to Discuss Packages Not Listed.

You don't have to spend a ton to get Professional Actor Headshots. Our Chicago competition charges $400-$500 and thats just not right! See our rates

We offer you the best professional actor headshot photographer for all your Headshot needs. Receive ALL your pictures hours after your shoot! 


Chicago Actor Headshot Photographer

A professional Studio RedLeaf headshot is the best way to market yourself in business or as an actor, actress, musician, or entertainer. Your great headshot is your first impression to getting you closer to success. A photo of your most natural self, looking relaxed, confident, and in control of your career. 

With 18 years of professional photography experience in Chicago: ​

  • Musician headshots

  • Book jacket portraits

  • Headshots for websites

  • Actor Headshots, entertainer headshot

  • Model Headshot (Call First)



Actor Headshot Chicago Photographer
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