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Real Estate Photography South Loop & Downtown

We focus on Chicago Loop Only With Upfront Pricing. Your real estate photographer has over 18 years of experience. Receive your photos within 24 hours.

Same day and next day shoots available


$199 (Under 1k Sqft)

$249 (Under 2k Sqft)

$299 (Under 3k Sqft)

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Furnish the House, But Don’t Overdecorate

Empty houses are hard to see. Furniture provides scale, shows use, and adds light to spaces. Without it, the space is just walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. It is important to show how the space is used and how big the space is. Once you have taken care of these items, then stop decorating. There is a point when the decoration is no longer about the house and more about the decoration. Stop before you get there.

Prepare Every Room You Plan to Shoot

For outstanding advice on how to take real estate photos, Linova Photography compiled a room-by-room guide demonstration on how to prepare for a photo shoot. Here are a few tips for preparing kitchens and bathrooms for your photo shoot:

To prepare a kitchen for a photo shoot:

  • Remove everything from the top and doors of the fridge, including magnets, business cards, photos, and so on.

  • Clear and wipe off the counters so they look polished and clutter-free.

  • Hide dish soaps, sponges, paper towels, and anything else around the sink.

  • Curate the kitchen or dining table with a nice set of dishes.

  • Place a bowl of fruit or a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter if it doesn’t detract from the finishes.

To prepare a bathroom for a photo shoot:

  • Put toilet seats and lids down.

  • Hide toiletries that are on the counter or in the shower or bath.

  • Clean mirrors and any glass surfaces.

  • Remove old towels from doors, showers, and bathtubs and hang a new set of towels that coordinate with the paint or tiles.

  • Depending on the space, place flowers or a potted plant on the counter.

Add a Pop of Color to Bring Your Photos to Life

When we are selling homes, we like a neutral color palette so the homes appeal to a larger pool of buyers. However, in real estate photography, it’s the pops of bright color that photograph well. My biggest tip is using colorful artwork and vibrant pillows to make real estate photos pop and garner attention.
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