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Best Remote Headshot Example

"Full Concierge Remote Headshot"

Your remote staff or guest receive easy to follow directions by email or direct phone support. 

Best Remote Headshot headsho
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After we receive several options from your team member we will pick the best one and start on retouching / background removal. You can select if you want a standard square photo crop or the new and more popular circle crop.

Below is an example of a client that wanted a brick background and a circle crop.


You can decide exactly how much time you want to give your staff to complete and we will work to meet that deadline with their cooperation. We recommend 7 days to submit a photo. We wait until we receive a batch and then start on edits Studio RedLeaf

Example 1

Employees who follow our copyright instructions will result in a fantastic photo. Next we will do retouching and background removal. After you purchase service we will send you some options


We have been doing this long enough to know that some employees just don't follow directions at all :)

For these cases we can still yield some nice photos.


Final version after retouching, brighting, greasy skin removal, imperfections & background removal with custom cropping. (All done by a professional real person editor)

Example: With popular "Brick 4" background 

Virtual Headshot Sample.png

ALL Editing and Background removal is done by a person not an automation program like others

"Sn*p Bar"  or "M*SGIF"

Day and Night Difference!

Linkedin Business profile virtual headsh

$149 Each Employee or Guest

(Include Retouching and Background Removal)

($99 each Bulk Discount Offer at Check-out) 


Square Crop

Square Crop

Circle Crop

Circle Crop
Studio Redeaf Virtual Headshot.png
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This process, headshot images, tips, verbiage and technique is trademarked by

Photography Services LLC. 8/1/21

We do not authorize any other company, person or service to copy or share.

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