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Step 1 (Do you already have a photo we should use?)

Do you have a recent Professionally taken photo that has GREAT lighting and NO Shadows while you're wearing a business casual or business professional outfit? Also you must be standing and no major head tilting, We might be able to edit it and add a background.



Next Action Needed ⚠️ 

Move to step 2 if you don't have a studio/professional photo you uploaded now.

Step 2

(When should I start my in home headshot?)

Your headshot should only be taken during daylight hours, If you still have some window daylight be proactive and impress your employer by being the first to submit a photo to us. If you're the first one we will pass on a recommendation for the "On the Spot Award 🏆" 

Step 3 (Looking Good Tips)

First, Go through your wardrobe and find a nice outfit before continuing. 


Clean face with warm soapy water 

Men (groom facial hair)

Put on outfit

Comb hair (If you have it :)

Women (Light make-up if need be)

(ALL) Apply Chapstick (avoid dry lips)

IMPORTANT CHECK BEFORE TAKING PHOTO: If you have long hair make sure your shoulder corner silhouette is clear of hair, this makes it easy for background removal. Take the time to look at your hair in a mirror and make sure it falls nicely and avoid any large amount of hair falling on the edge corner of your shoulders. See example photo below (Notice how shoulder corners don't have any hair) also be mindful of hair on your neckline.

Virtual Headhot example with arrows for hair studioreadleaf_edited.jpg

Do some practice expressions in mirror

1) Mini smile or a little smirk

2) Closed mouth smile

3) Nice open smile 


Now remember these three expressions and make sure you do all of them when you take the photos. It's helpful to remember this because then you know what to do in front of the camera and you can try them several times then review after your shoot, it's much better to take all the expressions first instead of stopping and review after each photo.

I have been doing photography for 19 years and one thing most my clients think is that their expressions won't work but you have to try all of them because you will be surprised with the results. One thing a lot of clients always find out after their photo shoot is that their biggest smile works the best, I encourage them in the studio to do the biggest smile possible (As a 4th expression) and a lot of them love the results. Also if you're horrible at smiling I always encourage my clients to literally laugh out loud, your muscles tend to be more natural, even a medium chuckle does the job.

Step 4 (Starting and how to take a great photo at home now)

Your Shoot (Take Photo Yourself)

IMPORTANT: Clean Rear Camera Lenses 

Take a mental note of where the rear lens on your smart phone is,  it’s important that you look at the lens when taking a photo. Note: dont use your front "FaceTime" camera, it does not have the quality needed and will be rejected if you submit. Also do not use "portrait mode" if you have an iPhone (makes background removal Harder)

MUST Take photo facing your window (the larger the better), stand only 2-3 Feet from glass. Facing the window you will attach your smart phone using "tape" (box tape works best) to secure to your window, full instructions and setting the phone 10sec countdown timer in video below) we do not want someone to take the photo for you, securing to window will yield the absolute best lighting results and that's the key! Also dont worry about your background or a messy room as we will be doing background removal, the goal is getting a good photo of your face, we are not worried about your background :) 

Remember You must use your rear camera lens only which means you will have to enable the 10 sec countdown "timer" feature on your smart phone (fully explained in the video below) 

Do not take in evening,  Must use window daylight, Must be facing window and not more than 3 feet from. After reviewing your photos if you can see your actual hips you're too far and try again standing closer. (ok to see some waist but not full hips)

Some of you are very tech savvy 

If by just reading above you figured out how to do it then please give it a try, you have nothing to lose by sending us 3 photos now. Just remember you have to use your rear lens and enable the 10 sec timer so you can step away and have time to comfortable pose. (Pose ideas below)

Big Tip: Once in timer mode and switched to rear camera you can simply hit the side "volume button" to engage the camera timer, you will see the flashing light next to the lens to let you know it's in countdown. Now, Relax, get comfortable and smile:) Take at least 3-6 photos before un taping from window. We recommend the camera lens be roughly at your nose height. 

If Your Glasses has a Blue Glare Tip:

We noticed that a lot of new eye glasses tend to have a blue glare if you have an older pair of glasses I highly recommend you try it. If it still looks really bad consider taking a photo without glasses.

Need more help Watch Video Below (if you only have time to do one shoot then please follow the video first)



The Perfect Example From A Client's Iphone

This is a great example of what we expect you to send us.

Our client did a fantastic job!

And we didn't even do our retouch or background removal edit yet :)

Watching our video or following online directions can capture a photo you deserve. 

And don't worry about what's in your background we will remove and replace with a clean white virtual backdrop. Notice how her left and right shoulder corners has no hair falling on (makes for easier background removal 

Best Virtual Headshot example studioreadleaf.com_.jpg


How to Take a Great Photo On Your Own 


Some Pose Ideas Below

(Use Example Above if Short On Time) 

Now try the most common pose, arms down and interlock fingers, make sure your shoulders are nice and relaxed. If someone's taking your photo have them be mindful of any major clothing silhouette wrinkles, neckties that aren't symmetrical and necklaces that are in the right place. Also a common mistake by amateur photographers is they don't remove all the stray hairs over someone eyes or neck line.

Now try the three expression you practiced, mini smile, bigger closed mouth smile and nice big open smile. And if you can please try a fourth expression, this one I want you to go the biggest smile you ever done just so you see what it looks like.


Now repeat this on the other two shoulder angles start with right shoulder forward and then repeat with left shoulder forward you will now have many angles and options.


3 Face Expressions​

Avoid any head tilt

1) Mini Smile 

2) Bigger Closed Mouth Smile 

3) Full Open smile

Mini Smile
Closed Mouth Smile
Full Open Smile

3 Shoulder Positions Options

Avoid any head tilt

1) Straight Forward Facing

 2) Right Shoulder Forward

3) Left Shoulder Forward

Straight Forward Facing
Right Shoulder Forward
Left Shoulder Forward

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