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You will be allowed a max of 7 days to submit plus 3 extra days if you need to send a retake. (10 Total) If you take 15 minutes to fully follow all our directions you will take a fantastic photo. The only time clients need to submit an additional photo is if they don't properly follow directions or decide not to read or watch video. Some clients finish in less than 15 minutes. Before beginning, take a look at a photo we received from someone who followed directions perfectly (Photo above). Make sure you remove hair from around your shoulders and any major strands around your full head silhouette. This will make background removal easier. Then also notice how she took the time to get rid of as many strands of hair blocking her neckline and chest, this is something a professional photographer would do for you in-studio, please do this in front of a mirror before taking your photos. Remember to only do this after you fully watch the video we include in you help session. If you are on personal leave simply text us to let us know you will be delayed and your return date. Just remember, we cannot allow 10 days if you return from leave, please complete no more than three days after you return to work. Call or text us ‭1 (312) 906-7190‬ is you are having any issues. Please note that this is our exclusive system and everything you learn or read is copyrighted by Photography Services LLC © Copyright 2024

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